Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Season To Everything

I have been sitting here thinking about this past year. I had a lot of joy and a lot of sadness. The death of my grandfather was almost more than I could bear. I mourned his passing, and I am still grieving my loss. This year has been an example of the bible verse 'to everything there is a season' as I had days of joy this year even in the midst of the black cloud of mourning. The happiest days were the days babies were born. I was the midwife to a lot of babies with the biggest being 9 pounds 15 ounces! I found a small measure of peace for my grieving heart by getting closer to nature this year. I started hiking with my friend Summer. Going to the beach in June was healing- I felt like I could stay there forever watching the waves crash into the white sand. Smelling the salt air, feeling the warm sun on my skin, and listening to the waves is balm on a hurting heart. I remember my grandfather taking me to Cape May, NJ during my growing up years. But there I sat at Gulf Shores, Alabama, pondering how quickly life goes by. I watched my girls enjoying the sandy beach. I knew the torch was being passed to me. I knew my job was to be there for my girls, in the same way my grandfather had been there for me.

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  1. Hi
    thanks for sharing your blog. I am a Midwife in New Zealand. I enjoy reading the reflections of other midwives. All the best for 2009.